Struggle Struggle Struggle Struggle Struggle
Symvisio III (in green and violet) Sisyphus

In five unfoldments

1st Unfoldment------------------------Struggle
2nd Unfoldment----------------------Ambitions
3rd Unfoldment--------Disillusionment of Goals
4th Unfoldment-------------------Graceful Fall
5th Unfoldment------------Back to Vain Efforts

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  In this symvisio, I have tried to set the color and the form on the same footing. In order to achieve this task, I have reduced the structural form of the composition to the two most common geometric shapes, i.e. circles and rectangles. Also, I have let my color scheme be strongly dominated by green and violet. Both green and violet have special meaning for me beyond their traidional symbolism. Furthermore, I have used the so-called golden ratio through out the unfoldments to enhance a sense of compositional rhythm and unity.

     Many artists, both traditional and modern, have painted the Sisyphus' punishment and its symbolic meaning. Generally the subject is depicted as a man pushing a large boulder up a mountain. To set this theme in a symvisio format, I have chosen six semi-precious stones, i.e., amethyst, new jade, African turquoise, pink jasper, malachite and unakite, to represent the mountain. And I have chosen optical magnifications, as well as distortions, to stand for his struggles.

Please take the above paragraphs for guidance only, and let my Symvisio III speak for itself as you tour each unfoldment.

Mohsen Janatpour                    
August 31, 2001                       
San Mateo, California