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  An essential element of every genuine work of art is its metaphorical content. If an artwork is to express anything, it has to express it metaphorically. Indeed, the expressive power of a work of art, to a great extent, depends on its metaphorical interpretation. Or, as Nelson Goodman has stated, expression is metaphorical exemplification. I believe metaphors are our mind's way of understanding our experiential reality. Metaphors not only supply the necessary coherence to the "blooming, buzzing, confusion" of our experience; they also provide us with a means of communication of our inner as well as outer realities. As such, they play the most crucial role in both art and science.

In my artwork, I strive to give the most dominant role
to its metaphoric aspect. The initial inspirations, usually, come from my dreams, or from writings of my favorite
poets or philosophers. However, the choice of visual elements (color, value, form, etc.) are subordinated to
the work's metaphoric content. Whether my paintings are repetitions or extensions of old metaphors, or inventions
of new ones, they express life as I experience it.

                                                      Mohsen Janatpour